Our Clients
"Thank you so much for your support on these 100 work orders. The level of detail is appreciated and makes it easier to prioritize."
Lezlee S., The Children’s Place
"For 11 years, bar none Sunset is the most reliable vendor we work with. The level of communication always exceeds expectations."
Bod D., Tiffany & Co
"As the Visual Leader for Louis Vuitton I am greatly satisfied with the work that was done; get ready for work at other locations."
Stephanie R., Louis Vuitton
"Your company has been a blessing for me. Each morning, I have new updates for all my stores."
Johanna F., OMEGA Watches
"Things don’t always go right, but you guys always own up to it. That’s refreshing in the world of contracting."
Kurt S., The Cheesecake Factory
"Sunset Lighting does a fantastic job for us at CityWalk and it is my pleasure to recommend you to Burbank 16. You guys are the best!"
Trevor P., AMC Theatres
"With new relationships, we are promised the world but it often ends up a lie. You guys deliver and are a valued partner for the Michaels account."
Frederic F., Michaels
"You are working like dogs right now on corporate visit stores. I truly appreciate your hard work. The only reason all of these store are in a presentable state so far is because of you."
Shana L., H&M
"Thank you very much for the cupcakes! They are yummy and it was so nice of you to send them! We enjoy our partnership and your responsiveness to our requests!"
Carin M., Blancpain
"Thanks for the great response that you had last week with our emergency in St. Louis. Sunset has someone show up within an hour. Great work and thanks again!"
Lauren D, Kohl's
"Thank you so much for your support on the 100 work orders. The level of detail is appreciated and makes it easier to prioritize."
Ryan B., Aaron Brothers
"I’ve received nothing but positive feedback from everyone about your work. The extensive engineering, the exact placement of lights still amazes me."
Jason R., West Marine
"Sunset is an example of what we strive to do for our own clients. With providers like this, it makes our role that much easier."
Jordan L., Citi Bank
"I wanted to reiterate that you guys do a great job for me and I trust you. Your work ethic is stellar and you’ve brought down prices to a much more competitive level."
Jacob S., GameStop
"I hate approving invoices. I actually like approving Sunset’s invoices. No billing gimmicks or hieroglyphics, just simple, straightforward, and to contract."
Karen K., Party City
"With 2,000,000 square feet under management, keeping the details straight is tough. With Sunset, I never have to chase down information."
Colleen C., CB Richard
"I told management how heroic Sunset was during Hurricane Sandy. I will count on you for all emergencies going forward."
Ron H., Family Dollar Stores
"You have been a partner in the truest sense of the word. THANK YOU for all of your support over the years."
Julie P., Union Bank